Go to Account and settings > Visits settings > Custom fields to create your custom field(s).

You then land on the creation form where you need to specify the name (label) of the custom field, its type and properties:

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Field type: field can either be

  • Free text


  • A list


  • A Yes/No question


Custom field properties

  • Mandatory: if yes, a user will only be able to create a visitor if this field is filled in (please note that default values can be specified so that visitor is saved with default values in case nothing else is specified)

Also, please note that a mandatory field will appear on first tab on visitor form …

Mandatory field

… while non-mandatory fields appear on second tab

NotMandatory field

  • Active: If on “no”, custom field will not be asked nor shown, but kept in memory in case you want to re-activate it later.
  • Reset at every visit. Select “yes” for fields that can change from visit to visit for a given visitor (e.g. “Taxi needed?”). Select “no” for values that normally don’t change for a given visitor (e.g. “Country of origin”).

Displaying custom fields on the kiosk

If you need (some of) the custom fields to appear on the kiosk, you need to perform the following additional step:

Go to Account and settings > Visits settings > Kiosk > General and add the additional fields you would like to be filled in by the visitors on the kiosk.

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As an example, if we add field “Do you need a taxi”? it will be asked on the kiosk …


… and will be visible in the visitor list

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