In this article we’ll walk you through how to download and install our native iPad app “Welcome”.

Welcome is the kiosk interface between your company and your visitors. It is designed to be both flexible for your organization and simple for your visitors.


Hardware requirements

Here are the requirements to run Welcome on your iPad:

  1. iOS 8+
  2. A good Wifi connection

Regarding the iPad model, we strongly recommend the latest iPad (2017) for fast navigation. Older models work too (iPad 2 up to iPad Air 2) but will not offer the same experience.

The 16GB version is sufficient.

Welcome works on iPad Pro too. 

Using Apple’s Guided Access mode is not recommended as it alters some features.

We also recommend to disable the Control Center within app in order to prevent visitors from accessing certain iPad settings (e.g. WiFi).


Downloading Welcome

To download Welcome all you need to do is search for: “Proxyclick” in the App Store.

The result should look like this:



  • Once you have downloaded and installed Proxyclick Welcome, please open it and enter your Proxyclick credentials (email and password). If you do not have one, you can create them from the app
  • Once Welcome is installed you are ready to get started


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