1.Email notifications

In order to make sure your users get their email notifications on time, please make sure emails coming from @proxyclick.com are white-listed on your servers. Timely delivery of emails is very important, especially when a visitor is waiting in the lobby.


2. iPad application

Please make sure traffic to and from the Proxyclick app is allowed on your internal network.

More specifically:

  • Traffic to the following domains must be allowed: api.proxyclick.com; app.proxyclick.com; static.proxyclick.com; kiosk.proxyclick.com
  • If you only allow traffic to and from specific IP addresses, let us know as you’ll need to allow a set of IP addresses for real-time updates
  • Please check any firewall rule that may limit traffic to and from the app

Tip: If some traffic to or from the app is blocked, some actions will not go through on the iPad (e.g. activate the app or check in a visitor). You’ll notice this quickly. An easy way to validate if your network is causing these issues is to run the app on another network and see if everything functions normally. Some admins take the iPad home to check this.


3. Printing from iPad

Requirements depends on your printing method: Airprint or proxy.


4. Using the Dashboard

Proxyclick only supports modern browsers (for security and usability reasons). This means:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 11 or Edge
  • Safari

Note: Some features may not work properly on Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR). We recommend using the latest stable version of Firefox (standard edition) instead.


5. Printing from Dashboard

You’ll need a Windows computer to print from the Dashboard (if you use a Mac, you’ll need to run Proxyclick on a Windows emulator).

As printing preferences are stored in a cookie, please check the security and privacy settings so cookies remain stored in the browser (otherwise the user will need to activate printing every time the cookie gets deleted).