There are a number of tricks and shortcuts that can be helpful for frequent users of Proxyclick.

1. Create recurring visits

If a visitor (or group of visitors) comes for a long period of time, you can create all his upcoming visits in one single operation.

For this, in the visit creation form just fill in the start and end date:
For single visitors checke the box:

reccurring visit

For groups in the Recurring tab (see below):



2. Create many visitors in a row

If you have many visitors to create, just hit “Save & create new” at the bottom of the form. This will create an entry and then bring you directly to a new visitor form (no need to go back to the visitor list).

3. Filter visitors

If you need to see only some visitors for the day, you can either:

  • Search by entering a keyword. You can search by visitor name, visitor company, visitor license plate, host name and group name.

  • Filter by any custom field. Example: need to see all visitors in a given meeting room? Just display the relevant columns and apply the filters.filter
  • Show only visitors in a specific status (in the example below, only visitors that are “Expected”)

4. Bulk editing

If you need to perform the same action for many visitors at the same time (e.g., check-in, check-out, print, delete), select the visitors in the list and use the buttons at the bottom.

For instance, let’s say you want to check in 2 visitors at once (they are in front of you):

The next 2 tips are applications of this general principle:

  • Quick check-in of a group
  • Print badges in advance


5. Quick check-in of a group

Checking in all members of a group in one click can be a great time-saver, especially for large groups.

To do this:

  • Filter the group by name
  • Select all

  • Change the status to “Checked-In.”

  • Done! All the group members are checked in.

Note: if “Auto-print” is on, all visitor badges will be printed too.


6. Print badges in advance

Let’s say a colleague has invited a group of 4 visitors and you’d like to print badges in advance, e.g., prior to checking in the group.

  • Select the group by name and select all its members

  • Click on “Print badges”

  • The labels will be printed in a row
  • To avoid reprinting the badges when the group checks in, just make sure to uncheck “Auto-print”:


7. Copy group of visitors

If a group of visitors returns at a later time, you can Copy-Paste the group to save time.

For instance, let’s say a group of 4 people came for a training in December 2016 and is coming back a month later (but Matt Costa won’t be there and Daniel Hardman has been added to the group).

  • Open the group details by clicking on the group’s name:

  • Click on the arrow button (top right), then on “Duplicate Visitor Group.”

This creates a new instance of the group. You can now change the date, remove Matt …

… and add Daniel.

Then just Save, and your second group has been created.


8. Print emergency list and Text your visitors (New Feature)

In case of emergency , click the symbol on the bottom left and “Print emergency list”, to generate the list of visitors in the building in printable format.

You can also send a text message to all visitors in the building, a potential life-saving tool in case of an emergency! (To collect the mobile numbers, ask for them in the kiosk.).

In addition, you can now display 2 columns of your choice in the emergency list. Example: want to see visitor mobile number and entrance they used to enter the building? Just add these columns in the emergency list settings.



In case of emergency, the list can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, via browser (please note that the list in not accessible from the Welcome app).

In addition, Proxyclick Today, our iPhone app, allows receptionists and admin users to access the emergency list from their smartphone and mark visitors as safe:



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