You can integrate Proxyclick with your Wi-Fi system (Cisco, Aruba, Aerohive …) so your visitors automatically receive unique and temporary Wi-Fi credentials upon check-in (via text message). When they leave the building, their access gets automatically revoked.



There are four main benefits to such an integration:

  • Network security. You provide internet access to your visitors without exposing your network; access is managed and tracked at individual level (via unique credentials)
  • Professional image. Receiving personal credentials via text seconds after check-in provides a strong first impression to your visitors
  • Less hassle for IT and reception staff. No need anymore to request access codes in advance to IT and / or to print them manually  
  • More productive meetings. Meetings can start earlier when your visitor does not need to wait for his code for the first 5 minutes


The visitor perspective

Here is how the process works from the visitor perspective:

1. On the iPad, as a visitor, I am asked to enter my mobile number.

2. A few seconds after check-in, I receive my personal Wi-Fi access codes via text.

3. At the end of my visit, when I check out via the iPad, my access codes are automatically revoked.

Here are a few tips to make this process a great visitor experience:

  • Only ask mobile number to the visitors who need Wi-Fi access by using smart rules and inserting a Yes / No screen before the mobile number screen. (Only visitors answering “Yes” will be asked their mobile phones).

  • Explain why you ask the mobile phone. You can edit the text in Account and Settings > Kiosk > Languages and text.

  • Personalize the text message e.g. by adding the opening sentence “Welcome to [company name]”. See the set up guides listed below.


How to set up your Wi-Fi integration

Please contact us in order to check if the Wi-Fi integration is included in your Enterprise plan or requires an extra fee. This depends among others on your Wi-Fi system and the number of text messages that need to be sent.

The technical set-up depends on the Wi-Fi system you’re using:

  • If you’re using Aerohive, please follow these steps
  • If you’re using another Wi-Fi system (Cisco, Meraki, Aruba …), please follow these steps. Please note this integration uses the RADIUS networking protocol.


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