This article describes how you interact with a supplier on Proxyclick and receive important updates. The scenario described below is the default e-mail communication. (Note: Suppliers can also integrate their IT systems directly with Proxyclick, which is even more efficient).

Step 1. Transfer the ticket

What you see
You transfer a ticket by selecting the supplier (if needed, check how to create a supplier), changing the status to “Transferred”, and then creating the ticket.


What the supplier sees
The supplier receives an e-mail with all details in the body of the mail and in an attached PDF.


He can also perform two actions directly from the e-mail (as indicated above):

  • Confirm reception of the ticket (see step 2 below).
  • Inform you about resolution of the ticket (see step 3 below).

Step 2. Confirmation reception

When the supplier clicks on the following link …


he gets a confirmation page …


… and you see in Proxyclick that he has read the ticket.


Step 3. Execution by the supplier

When the supplier has worked on the ticket, he can indicate his job is done by clicking on the following link:


He gets another confirmation page …


… and you see in Proxyclick that he has executed the ticket.


* * *


  • If you want to receive an alert by e-mail when a ticket is executed by a supplier, create an alert
    • condition = “status is executed”
    • action = “send me an e-mail”
  • When a ticket is transferred, you can also send a reminder to the supplier by opening the ticket and clicking the button on the details page.


You’ll then see a notification in the ticket history …


… and the supplier will receive another copy of the ticket.

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