Go to Account & Settings > Tickets settings > Automated Actions. From there you can add, edit and delete actions.


Hit “Create new action” button. As you’ll see, creating an action requires 3 steps:

  • Specify its conditions (when will it be triggered)
  • Specify its actions (what happens when the conditions are met)
  • Name your action



Let’s say you want one of your team members (Peter) to receive an e-mail every time a ticket is created in the category “Electricity, Lighting”.

As shown below:

1. Select the conditions.

  • Status is “Requested”
  • Category is “Electricity, Lighting”

2. Indicate that you want Eric to receive the action.
3. Name the action. Please note that the name of the alert will be taken as title of the e-mail sent by the action.


When a ticket meets these conditions, an email will be sent to Peter:

e-mail sent by automated action

After being saved, your action appears in the list of actions. From there, you can deactivate it, edit it or delete it.



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