You might need to add an extra field to the ticket. For example:

  • Location (with a drop-down menu)
  • Under contract? Yes/No
  • Cost center (with a drop-down menu)


Go to Tickets > Settings:


Click on the tab “Custom fields”. From there, you’ll be able to add, edit and delete custom fields.

For example, let’s say you need to create a drop-down menu with a list of meeting rooms. As shown below, you’ll need to follow these steps:

1. Specify the name of the field.
2. Choose the type of field.

  • Free text
  • Drop-down list (chosen here)
  • Question (yes/no format)

3. As “list” was selected in step 2, values need to be entered here.
4. Modify properties of the field, if needed.

  • Is it mandatory? (It must be filled in for the ticket to be created.)
  • If the ticket is sent to a supplier, should the field be visible to him or her?
  • Is the field active? (It can be activated and deactivated as needed.)


Once created, the field will appear in the ticket form.


After being saved, your custom field appears in the list of Alerts. From there, you can edit or delete it. SD-custom-fields-3



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