You might need to add an extra field to the ticket. For example:

  • Location (with a drop-down menu)
  • Under contract? Yes/No
  • Cost center (with a drop-down menu)


Go to Tickets > Settings:


Click on the tab “Custom fields”. From there, you’ll be able to add, edit and delete custom fields.

For example, let’s say you need to create a drop-down menu with a list of meeting rooms. As shown below, you’ll need to follow these steps:

1. Specify the name of the field.
2. Choose the type of field.

  • Free text
  • Drop-down list (chosen here)
  • Question (yes/no format)

3. As “list” was selected in step 2, values need to be entered here.
4. Modify properties of the field, if needed.

  • Is it mandatory? (It must be filled in for the ticket to be created.)
  • If the ticket is sent to a supplier, should the field be visible to him or her?
  • Is the field active? (It can be activated and deactivated as needed.)


Once created, the field will appear in the ticket form.


After being saved, your custom field appears in the list of Alerts. From there, you can edit or delete it. SD-custom-fields-3



  • Christoph

    How do i translate custom fields ?

    • Proxyclick

      Hi Christoph,

      Today, only standard fields are translated in different languages (7 in the main app, 14 in the kiosk). We plan to add the possibility for you to manage translations of custom fields as well, but I do not have an estimated date of delivery for this feature yet. This new feature will probably first be available on iPad kiosks.

      In the meantime, one option would be for you to write the different translations in one string, e.g. “Company/Firma/Entreprise”

      Would that help?



      • Christoph


        thanks for your Information.
        I allready did this. I hope I can convince my boss with this alterntative.Is it possible to force a cr line feed ? Like

        Reason for visit
        Grund für den Besuch

        to avoid this:

        Reason for visit/Grund
        für den Besuch:

        We are evaluating different systems at the Moment and i would like to go with your system.

        Greetings from Germany

        Mit freundlichen Grüssen
        Best regards

        Christoph Lingen
        (interne EDV)

        Fidel Dreher GmbH
        Industriestr. 28
        D-78333 Stockach

        Phone: +49 (0) 7771/9324-23
        Fax. : +49 (0) 7771/9324-20
        Mobil: +49 (0) 160 /92383729


        Handelsregister: Amtsgericht Freiburg HRB 590 298
        Geschäftsführer: Hans-Peter Dreher, Markus Bold

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        • Proxyclick


          I discussed it internally and there is no immediate way to force such a return. I think the best would be to start with the temporary solution described above until we release translated custom fields. I’ll let you know as soon as I have an estimated delivery date for this feature.

          I should have more clarity on the timing in the next weeks.