This document explains how to create and configure a building in Proxyclick, i.e. multiple tenants sharing a single address. Four steps are needed and are described in the rest of the document

  1. Create the accounts (tenants and building)
  2. Create the building view for better monitoring
  3. Invite the users
  4. Check accounts’ settings

1. Create the accounts (tenants and building)

We’ll illustrate the whole process with an example in order to make it more concrete. Imagine the following situation:

  • Let’s say you’re working at GPM (Global Property Management), a Property Management company with hundreds buildings and millions of sqm in portfolio
  • Today, you need to implement Proxyclick in one of the buildings you manage, called “Artemis”
  • There are 6 tenants in the building:
    • Acer
    • BASF
    • Johnson Controls
    • Lafarge
    • L’Oréal
    • Pepsico

Situation is depicted below:


First thing you need to do is to create one Proxyclick company account per tenant and one account for the building.

For this, starting from your GPM account, you go on “View all sites” and create the different accounts (please enter every time the same address).



Once done, you’ll see the new accounts in your site selector.


2. Create the building view for better monitoring

  • Go to your home company account (this is the account you land in when you log in). In our example this is the GPM account
  • Go to Reports > Groups


  • and hit button “Add Group”


  • Enter name of the building:


  • Add the tenants:


Once done, when you click on the “All sites” icon in any tickets list …

9-14-2015 11-49-06 AM

… you’ll land in an overview where tenants are grouped by building and where you can quickly see number of tickets per status (and from there zoom in tenants accounts that need your attention).

9-14-2015 11-54-51 AM


3. Invite the users

In each tenant account, please invite the people that will need an access to it 

  • People from the tenant, most likely with limited rights (default group, see below)
  • People from your own team, likely with admin rights

For this, be sure you are in the right account and click on the colleagues tab, then “Add colleague”

9-14-2015 12-04-49 PM


Please note that if you add someone who already has a Proxyclick account (eg someone at GPM in our example), it will not create a duplicate profile for this person. Instead he/she will be able to access the new account from her existing profile.

4. Check the account settings

In each tenant account, please check the following settings are OK and adapt them if needed

  • Add suppliers if needed (help guide)
  • Please check the categories are OK (contact us if you need help editing them as some actions cannot be performed by you) (help guide)
  • Create additional automated actions if needed (help guide)
  • Check the rights of the different users (help guide)


Tip: if your company already has some buildings managed by Proxyclick, maybe a good place to start is to check the settings there (and apply the same in the new building).

Hope this guide helps. Please contact us ( if you have any remaining question. Thank you !

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