When you create a ticket, you can ask that the requester receives a notification when his ticket has been solved. Notif_Requester_1

Upon resolution, in this example, Geoffroy will automatically receive an e-mail when the ticket is in status “solved” or “closed”. In this e-mail, he’ll be able to give a feedback on the resolution of the ticket.


Clicking on 1 of the 2 links will open a web page where he’ll then (i) be able to provide a comment (optional) and (ii) see the company’s satisfaction level.


Who can provide a feedback?

As you can see from above screenshot, it is not needed to log in Proxyclick to provide a feedback, all happens through e-mail and a simple web page. As a result, all users, even inactive ones, are able to provide feedback and see overall satisfaction level.


Where can I see the ratings and comments?

Admins and agents see the rating and comments directly in the ticket.


Ratings are also provided in the reports, from where you can track the evolution of your staff satisfaction.



Tip: be notified when a positive or negative feedback is given

As an admin or agent, you may want to be automatically notified when a rating is given. For this, just create the following automated action.


(More info on how to create automated actions is provided here).

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