10We’ve just released 7 improvements to Proxyclick. The first three improvements are designed to make the life of busy receptions easier:


1.View more visitors

We redesigned the logbook so you can see more visitors at the same time.

2. Filter by any field

You can now filter by any custom field. Example: need to see all visitors in a given meeting room? Just display the relevant columns and apply the filters. Accessing the relevant subset of visitors has never been easier.


3. Print from your favorite browser

This was a long awaited feature: you can now print on Internet Explorer and Chrome too; not only Firefox! For this, just open the print wizard from your favorite browser and follow the instructions.



We also released some features aimed at increasing onsite security:

4. Customize emergency list

You can  now display 2 columns of your choice in the emergency list. Example: want to see visitor mobile number and entrance they used to enter the building? Just add these columns in the emergency list settings.



5. Deny visitor access

We added a button “Access denied” to the check-in notification. That way, your hosts can quickly communicate to the front desk when access is denied to a visitor. You can activate this button here.


6. Creation logs

Logs (who created the visitor, when, and from which system) have been added to the export in case you need them in the context of a security audit.


Finally we also added a feature for the visitors themselves.

7. Dynamic invitation email

You can now customize with dynamic variables the invitation email visitors receive. This makes the invitation extra personal and relevant. In the example below, the meeting room and entrance are displayed in the email.


Any question, suggestion? Please let us know!

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