You tried to create a visit from your calendar into Proxyclick and you received an error message. This article outlines the different reasons that could have led to that error message.


1. Feature is not available in your Plan (need Large, Enterprise or Trial plan)

Calendar integration is only available in Large, Enterprise and Trial plans. You can check your plan in your subscription page.


2. Your email is not linked to a Proxyclick user

Proxyclick needs to identify the sender of the meeting request in order to create the visit in the right company account and link it to the correct host.

Hence, the sender email must be in Proxyclick.


3. You did not send the meeting request to an external email address

If you only send the meeting request to or to a Proxyclick user and, no meeting will be created. There must be at least one email address that is external to your company in the recipients.


4. Meeting created in calendar is recurring meeting

Currently, Proxyclick can only create one-time visits from calendar meeting requests. Recurring visits from your calendar are not (yet) supported.


5. Meeting created in calendar is in the past

Meeting must be today or in the future.


6. was not added in the first meeting request

If you created a meeting request without putting as recipient, then updating the meeting request by adding, the visit will not be created in Proxyclick.

Reason is: Proxyclick considers this an update and does not find the original meeting. So please add from the start.


Hope it helps. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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