Some users encounter the following issue when logging in to Proxyclick: they enter username, password, and then immediately get the following page: “Your have been logged out”.




If you see the message “You have been logged out”, it means that the cookie keeping your Proxyclick session alive has been killed. Below a short explanation of what’s a cookie and how to solve this issue.


What’s a cookie?

A cookie is a piece of info stored in your Internet browser. When you log in to Proxyclick, we store a link to your session in a cookie. This tells to the browser you’ve logged in and this keeps your session active. If the cookie is deleted, your session ends.


Solution: allow cookies on

If you’re instantly logged out, it means “something” (a computer program) kills your cookie.

Very often, the answer lies in your Internet settings. If you’re using Internet Explorer, please perform the following steps to allow cookies on

  • In Internet Explorer, go to Menu > Internet Options or Tools > Internet Options

InternetOptions01  or  InternetOptions02

  • Then select Privacy and select “Medium-High” (or lower). This will keep Proxyclick’s cookie alive and should solve the issue.


Note: if you need the level to be on “High”, you’ll need to click on button “sites”, enter * and then “Allow” (see below).

Privacy Settings

If you do not use Internet Explorer or if the above does not work, please check with your IT. It may be that another setting on your PC or on the company network “kills” the cookie Proxyclick needs to keep your session alive. (For instance, we know some clients using Citrix had to adjust Citrix’ settings to allow cookies on


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