Guided Access is an iOS feature that can limit the device capabilities and force the iPad to focus on a single app.

This is especially important if you’re worried someone may accidentally close the Proxyclick app running on the iPad in your reception area.

How to enable Guided Access?

1. First, go to your iPad’s iOS Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access settings.

Turn Guided Access on.

If your iPad is running iOS 12.1.1 or above, you also need to enable the Mirror Display Auto-Lock capability. (When this is on, Guided Access will mirror the Auto-Lock setting in Display & Brightness. When off, Guided Access will turn off the screen after 20 minutes of inactivity.)

We also recommend setting the Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock to “Never“.

You can always find more information on Apple’s support page here.

2. Then, open the Proxyclick iPad app and triple-click the Home button. Configure the feature you want enabled/disabled, then tap the Start button.

Tip: You can always exit Guided Access by pressing the Home and Power button together for ~15 seconds. This will force the iPad to reboot.

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