Adding multiple kiosks is useful in two situations:

  • High volume of visitors (to distribute the volume over more than one kiosk)
  • Different entrances to the building (to inform host and reception about where the visitor checked in)

To create an additional kiosk:

1. Go to Account & Settings> Kiosk and select the “Kiosks”page. Once there, click on “Add new”.

2. Enter the Kiosk name and the Entrance name, then click on Save:

The Kiosk name will help you select the correct kiosk when you activate it on the iPad.

The Entrance name will be shown to the hosts (in the check in notification) so they know where to pick up their visitor and to the reception (in the Logbook).

3. Restart the Welcome app. After providing your credentials, you’ll be able to select the location and then the kiosk that you wish to activate on that device.

Please note: when you use multiple kiosks, make sure that a different one is activated on each iPad.

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