Why create users?

It’s important to create or invite users so that:

  • Colleagues can be notified (via e-mail or text) when their visitor checks in
  • Colleagues can preregister their visitors
  • Receptionists can manage visitors
  • At check in, visitors just need to type the 3 first letters of their host’s name on the kiosk

When creating users, you can send them an invitation.

  • If you don’t send an invitation, the user will exist, but will not be able to log in on Proxyclick.
    • Typically, you would use this method to enable a host to receive a check-in notification.
  • If you send an invitation, the user will be able to log in on Proxyclick.
    • Invited hosts can preregister their visitors, receptionists can manage visitor tasks, etc.

When inviting users as an Administrator, you are also able to grant them specific rights(e.g., Receptionists can see all visitors and check them in). More on managing users rights.


How to create/invite users

There are 3 ways to create or invite users:

1. One-by-one creation

At the top of the screen, click on “Colleagues” and click on “Add Colleague”

Fill in email address, first name and last name. Then choose whether you want to send an invitation and which rights this user should receive, in addition to basic rights (Default group).

Note: You can also create a user directly from the visitor form. This is useful if you need to create a host on the fly. Click on “Add as a new user” and enter the person’s information. In this way, you won’t lose visitor data already entered in the form.


2. Bulk creation through importing Excel file  

At the top of the screen, click on “Colleagues” and click on “Bulk Upload”

You’ll be able to decide which users should receive an invitation to log in by simply adding an “X” in the Invitation column of the file. If you send out many invites, please make sure your IT puts Proxyclick on the whitelist. If this is not done, emails from Proxyclick may be blocked by your servers! If you prefer, you can also send invitations individually after importing the file.

Note: Administrator rights are needed to perform this.

Note: All users created by this method will have default rights. If you want to give additional rights to some users, you’ll be able to do this afterwards.


3. Automatic User Provisioning

Your colleagues list can also be synchronized from your Active Directory through LDAP integrations or 3rd party tools such as OneLogin or Okta.


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