Welcome to Proxyclick !

In this article you’ll learn

  • What is Proxyclick (in a nutshell)
  • How to create your personal profile
  • How to pre-register your (groups of) visitors
  • How to check your visitors status on your smartphone using Proxyclick Today


What is Proxyclick

Proxyclick is used by companies around the world to better manage visitors to their offices. Proxyclick replaces the paper logbook and improves hospitality and safety.

Proxyclick is composed of 3 applications

  • The Dashboard is where you can pre-register your visitors (and where receptionists manage the full list of visitors). The Dashboard is accessible via Internet from your PC

  • The Welcome app is where visitors check in when they arrive at the lobby. Welcome runs on an iPad

  • You can also download Proxyclick Today on your smartphone (iPhone) to check the status of your visitors (and even communicate with them)


The experience for you and your visitor is as follows:

  • You pre-register your visitor in advance. Your visitor receives a branded invitation email and appears as “Expected” in the visitor list so that Reception can prepare their visit
  • On the day of visit, your visitor checks in on Welcome. As he is pre-registered, he won’t have to enter his full contact details and will thus feel welcome
  • At check-in, you receive a notification via email and SMS. Via a simple click, you can indicate when you’ll be down to Reception


How to create your personal profile

Here are the steps to create your personal profile (so you can pre-register your visitors):

  • Check your inbox for an email from your Proxyclick admin with subject “Invitation to join Proxyclick”
  • Open the email and click on the link
  • Choose a password

Done. You’re in the Dashboard now!


How to manage your personal profile

We recommend you add your picture in your profile. Visitors appreciate to see the face of their host on Welcome when they arrive in the lobby. It makes them comfortable to have a preview of the person they have a meeting with.

Host selection - iPad Air 2 White Landscape (3)

You can add your picture by clicking on your name on the top right and then “Manage profile”.


Here are other fields that are worth filling in:

  • Mobile phone: this field will probably have been pre-filled by your admin. If not, we recommend you fill it in so you can receive text notifications
  • Fixed line will be displayed next to your name in the visitor list (if someone visits you that day) so reception can call you easily if needed
  • Assistant: if you are / have an assistant, filling in this field makes it possible to have the assistant receive notifications when the visitor checks in for their boss


Finally you can manage your notification preferences by clicking on “Notifications” on the left.


How to pre-register your (groups of) visitors

Pre-registering a visitor is a two-step process:

  1. From the home page of the Dashboard, click on “New visit”

  1. Select Single Visit and fill in the form


Done. Your visitor is preregistered.



  • If you enter your visitor email address he will get an invitation email with access map and your company logo. Your company can even decide to include guidelines, a PDF, and an access code to the email

  • If you enter your visitor mobile number he will receive a SMS reminder 2 hours before the start of the visit
    sms reminder visit form
  • You can save your visitor details in the shared address book so you and your colleagues can re-use the contact details for future visits or to your private address book so you can reuse them while ensuring the privacy of your guests.


shared private ab


If you need to pre-register a group of visitors, click “New visit” and select “Group visit”.

You can import your groups from Excel, learn more about the group creation form here



Once you have created your visitors, they will appear in your dashboard. Depending on your rights on the platform, you will see only your visitors and the ones of your bosses (if you’re an assistant) or all visitors (if you are a receptionist or a security officer for instance).


How to check your visitors status on your smartphone using Proxyclick Today

With Proxyclick Today on your iPhone, you can view your visitors (past, current and future) and receive rich notifications. If the mobile number of the visitor is known, you can even chat directly with the visitor via SMS.



Receptionists and admins can access the emergency list from Today (and mark visitors are safe). If they are linked to multiple locations, they can access all emergency lists from their profile.

Proxyclick Today is available in the Appstore.


* * *

Any question? Please open the chat window from the Dashboard (bottom right corner) and ask us. We’re there to help !

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