Good. You’ve decided to test or use Proxyclick “for real”. What do you need to do?


Core steps

  • If not done yet, please create your company account at
  • Be sure you have an iPad at hand and download Proxyclick from the App Store

  • If you do not have an iPad, get one (see our Store for useful links to buy an iPad, a holder or a printer)
  • Define your optimal visitor experience by configuring the iPad app. Adjust settings (layout, custom fields, NDA …) and see the result on the iPad
  • Create your colleagues so they can be recognized as hosts and receive notifications. You can also invite them so they can invite their visitors from their personal profile. More info here.


Visitor badges

  • Choose your printer. Most clients opt for the Brother 820 NWB, as it is an affordable AirPrint printer (AirPrint printers are easy to set up with the iPad). If you need to print in color this is possible too. See our Store for the different printer references.
  • Connect your printer. If you print via AirPrint, just make sure your iPad and your printer are on the same Wi-Fi and enter the printer IP address in this page
  • Customize your badge layout using our editor



  • Check if you need to differentiate the rights of your different active users. More info here.
  • Check if you’re happy with the default notifications or if you need to tweak them to answer your needs. More info here.
  • Customize the invitation email sent to the visitors
  • Verify that your company IT complies with our system requirements (mostly around browsers and whitelisting domain). More info here
  • Integrate your iPad into your reception.  See our Store for some holders, or even more ambitious, embed your iPad into your furniture (see example below at a client).

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