Proxyclick released its iPad app in March 2016. You’ll find in this article the steps needed to migrate to this native version (not browser based). Please get in touch if you have questions and feedback. Thanks!

What’s different from the browser-based app?

  • Ability to take picture of visitor


  • Manual signature on the agreement (NDA). The signed document is then available in the dashboard


  • “Smart rules”, i.e. ask questions based on answers provided to previous question
  • Differentiated NDA per type of visitor
  • Custom text. You can replace “Hello, please sign in” (and other text) by whatever you want
  • This can be done in all languages (so custom fields can be translated now)
  • QR code check-in. Visitors can use the unique code they receive via email to check in on the kiosk

qr code

  • Print via AirPrint (no need for a PC in between)
  • Offline mode (continues to work without Internet)
  • All NDAs / safety agreements signed by the visitors are saved in PDF and accessible in the dashboard

Can the browser-based and the iPad app be used at the same time?

Yes, this is possible. Settings will be shared (such as the background image, list of hosts, list of expected visitors,…). This could be useful if you want to keep one (or more) iPad on the current version and one (or more) iPad on the new version.

How do I get started?

0. Create a Proxyclick account (if you don’t have one)

This step is only for companies who do not have a Proxyclick company account yet. If you don’t have a Proxyclick account, please create one here.

1. Check you have the right hardware

The iOS app requires iOS 9 and an iPad 2 or above.

If you want to print badges, we recommend using an AirPrint printer, such as the Brother 820 NWB (see our store). AirPrint printers are indeed easier to set up. But if you need to print on another printer, that is possible too. You’ll then just need a PC between your iPad and the printer.

2. Create an extra kiosk license if you want to keep your existing kiosk in parallel

Go to your kiosk list and add a kiosk (name it for instance “iOS native app”).

Please get in touch if you’re blocked creating this kiosk due to your pricing plan. We’ll lift this restriction for you.

3. Ask us to activate the iOS app on your account

Please send us an email so we activate the iOS app on your account. Concretely, this will replace the kiosk settings page by the new iOS settings.

4. Download the new version of the kiosk

  • On your iPad, open the Appstore and look for “Proxyclick”. Download the app and open it


  • Log in with your username and password and start using the app


5. Configure the kiosk

Just go to your (iOS) kiosk settings page and adapt the settings.

To find out more about the kiosk configuration, please see this Introduction to Welcome.

* * *

Thanks! Please let us know your feedback at (or even better by clicking on the “?” sign at the bottom right of the dashboard). We’ll read and reply to every message!

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