This article explains how to print from different iPad devices to different AirPrint printers (such as the Brother QL-820NWB).

We will use an example with 2 iPad devices and 2 printers, but the principles outlined work for any combination (e.g. 5 iPad devices on 3 printers).

In our examples, the iPad 1 needs to print on printer 1 and the iPad 2 (eg in another part of the building) needs to print on printer 2.

It is important to have iPad 1 and printer 1 on the same network and iPad 2 and printer 2 on the same network. Also, both printers need to be AirPrint compatible.


Steps to follow

  1. Please start by configuring printing from iPad 1 as if there was only one printer by following the default instructions for AirPrint printers.
  2. At this stage, if you add other iPad they will also print on printer 1. In order for iPad 2 to print on printer 2 instead, please follow these steps:
    1. On iPad 2, go to the iPad settings, then click on Proxyclick in the left menu
    2. Go to “Overwrite printer IP address defined in dashboard” and enter the IP address of printer 2

Done. Your iPad 2 now prints on printer 2. Please let us know in case you have any questions. Thank you!


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