As displayed in the image below, there are two options to print visitor badges from the Proxyclick iPad app

  • Directly via AirPrint: this only works with AirPrint-enabled printers. This is the default setting as it is the easiest set-up.
  • Via the Proxyclick proxy: this works for all printers but requires a PC between the iPad and the printer. Quality of printed badges is normally higher than with AirPrint printers.

2 options to print via WiFi

The table below summarizes the advantages of both methods and provides a link to the 2 installation guides:


1. Via AirPrint

2. Via Proxyclick proxy

  • Easy to set up
  • No PC needed
  • Works well for black and white badges that do not contain pictures
  • Works with all printers
  • Better quality of printing (esp. pictures)
Compatible printers
  • Only AirPrint-enabled printers (e.g. Brother 820 NWB)
  • All (incl. AirPrint-enabled printers)
Installation guide

Print via AirPrint

Print via Proxyclick proxy



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