In this guide you’ll learn how to print to any badge printer from the Proxyclick dashboard (reception computer).


Step 1: Check system requirements

Please check the following requirements:

  • Confirm that the PC is Windows 7, 8 or 10. No other operating system will be compatible
  • Confirm that your printer is connected to the PC
  • Confirm that you’re using Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer (10+). No other browsers will be compatible. 


Step 2: Launch the wizard

From the logbook, click on the print settings icon:


This will bring up the Proxyclick printing wizard which will check different things such as:

  • If the right programs are installed
  • Browser settings
  • Badge format

After the checks are complete you’ll see printing is activated.

You’ll see the name of the printer that is linked to the dashboard. You can also set Auto-print to off if you do not want badges to print automatically when you check in a visitor from the dashboard (e.g. if you print badges in advance for a large group).

Note: These printing settings are stored in the cookies of your browser. If the cookies are deleted, you’ll need to configure the printing again.

If you are unable to print, please follow this troubleshooting article.

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