If you haven’t downloaded and installed the Proxyclick iPad app please see this article.

The Proxyclick iPad app is designed to provide a beautiful and powerful visitor management solution for your organization.

In this article we’ll

  • Introduce the different screens that compose the app
  • Show you from where you can customize those screens


9 types of screens that compose the Proxyclick iPad app

The diagram below shows the different types of screens you can choose to integrate:

Welcome Overview

Every type of screen has its purpose, but only 3 of them are mandatory. Your own business context will determine the ones you need.

    1. Welcome Screen (mandatory). This is the first screen that your visitors will see which will invite them to check in. The font is intentionally large so incoming visitors can read it from a distance
    2. Visitor Identification (mandatory). To start their check-in, your visitors have to enter their name.
      This screen also provides alternative identification options, such as QR code or ID scan (upcoming feature)
    3. Email and company (optional). Here you can collect the visitor’s company name and email address
    4. Host Identification (optional). Visitors select their host from the list. This will trigger an email and/or text notification to the host
    5. Visitor Picture (optional). You can use the picture on the badge.
      It will also appear in the notification to the host and in the dashboard. That way, your staff will recognize the visitor more easily for enhanced security and hospitality
    6. Custom screens & smart rules (optional). Ask different types of questions, show messages or pictures according to visitor type or any other criteria. A flexible and powerful feature
    7. Agreement (NDA …) (optional). You can choose to display one or several NDAs (1 per type of visitor). These NDAs can require a hand-drawn signature
    8. Summary (optional). Visitors can check the info entered before signing in and here you can even allow your visitors to email themselves a QR code pass for quicker future check-ins
    9. Check-in confirmation (mandatory). Closes the process. You can customize the text on this screen (as on any other)


Configuring the Proxyclick iPad app from the Dashboard

Configure your Proxyclick iPad app on the dashboard (your computer) in Account and Settings > Kiosk.

The configuration options let you control screen by screen the customization of your kiosk.

Three additional sections allow you to define settings that are not specific to one screen:

  • Kiosks: add kiosks; define multi-company kiosks
  • Language & Texts: add languages or customize texts
  • Printer: setup printing from the kiosk


The table below gives you an overview of how to configure the Proxyclick iPad app:


This screen … … is managed from here in the dashboard
1. Welcome Screen

Welcome - iPad Air 2 White Landscape

Customize your background picture (1), choose the color of the welcome text (black or white) (2), display your logo in the top corner (3), change the color of the buttons (4), hide/show the check-out button (7)

  • Tip: In “Languages & Texts” you can (5) add languages and (6) change the welcome text
2. Visitor Identification

Identification - iPad Air 2 White Landscape - Notes 2

  1. By default, all returning visitors are recognized upon their second visit. Deactivate this option by unchecking “Recognize all returning visitors”
  2. By default, visitors that are not pre-registered can check-in on the app. If you don’t want this, select “Only pre-registered visitors are allowed to check in”
  3. By default, visitors can check in with a QR code embedded in the invitation email. You can hide this button by un-selecting “Visitors can check in with their invitation/pass (QR code)”
3. Email and Company

Email and Company - iPad Air 2 White Landscape (2)

You can ask the visitors for their email and company name and make these fields mandatory in the “Visitor Identification” screen.

This screen is skipped if you do not ask for those 2 fields.

4. Host identification

Host selection - iPad Air 2 White Landscape (3)

Ask visitors to select their host, so that employees can be notified by email and/or SMS when their visitors check-in.

If the visitor enters a host that is not in the “Colleagues” list, the check-in notif will be sent to the “Default recipient” (defined in Account and Settings > Visits > General).

5. Visitor Picture

Picture - iPad Air 2 White Landscape

Allow visitors to take their picture from the iPad. The picture will be sent to the host for easier recognition when they get to the lobby. The picture can also be printed on the badge.
6. Custom screens & smart rulesInserts Add custom screens to your check-in process. These screens can include custom fields, images and messages.

You can also customize your flow of custom screens by adding rules. Depending on your visitors’ answers, they will be shown a different sequence of screens. Check this video to learn how to create smart rules.


7. Agreement (NDA …)

NDA - iPad Air 2 White Landscape (5)

Create and edit agreements that you want your visitors to sign. Once a visitor signs the agreement, a PDF copy of it will be available in your dashboard.

You can also store them using OneDrive.


8. Summary

Summary screen - iPad Air 2 White Landscape (6)

Allow visitors to check the information they provide before finishing their check-in. You can hide this screen for an even faster process.

From the same page you can also choose to give the ability to the visitor to receive a permanent pass (QR code).

9. Check-in confirmation

Confirmation screen - iPad Air 2 White Landscape (7)

In “Languages & Texts” you can customize the text displayed on this screen.


Any question? Please feel free to contact us. We’re here to help!

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