You’ll see different options in our Store.

Among these options, Proxyclick recommends Bouncepad holders, which we tested for stability and solidity.

Bouncepad Proxyclick Bundle
Bouncepad Proxyclick Bundle


We think it’s important that your Visitor Management system include these 3 features:

  • Static 60 (covers the Home button, preventing visitors from accessing other sites)

Static 60 White Lo Res

  • Tilt  (to change to a comfortable angle)


  • Freestanding base (heavy enough to stand firmly, and can also be screwed to the desk for maximum security)




If you choose this bundle in black or white and mention Proxyclick during your purchase, Bouncepad offers a discount. Please contact for more information.

If you want to build your own configuration, we invite you to have a look at the following guide: Which Bouncepad model is best for me?

Another option is to integrate your tablet into your reception desk.  Here is our favorite example:

Integrated Kiosk


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