You can monitor the status of your kiosk(s) in real-time. The status is available on the Dashboard (on your desktop) and on the Proxyclick iPad app (on your iPad). This gives you a way to monitor the Internet connection on the iPad, the iOS version and the version of the Proxyclick iPad app.

Checking the connection is very helpful to explain (and fix) discrepancies between the iPad and the Dashboard. Indeed, a loss of internet connection on the iPad explains situations such as these:

  • You see visitors checking in on the iPad but not popping up on the Dashboard
  • You bring changes in the Dashboard (e.g. a new expected visitor) and these changes do not appear on the iPad

The status is also helpful if you need to check remotely which iPad need to be updated to the latest iOS or the latest Proxyclick iPad app version.


How to check the status?

You can check the status in the Dashboard and on the iPad.

In the Dashboard


  • You need the right “Access to visitor settings” (see this article about managing users’ rights)
  • The version of the Proxyclick iPad app on the iPad needs to be 2.2.0 (or higher)

The status can be seen in Account and Settings > Kiosk > Kiosks:

The status is displayed for every kiosk. As you see below, different informations are given:

  • The (connection) status
  • The last time a connection could be made with the iPad
  • The iOS version of the iPad
  • The version of the Proxyclick iPad app on the iPad

(If you’re using older versions of the Proxyclick iPad app, you’ll see less information).

Status can take 5 values:

  1. Online. This means the iPad is currently in sync with the Proxyclick Dashboard. Everything is working as expected.
  2. App closed. This means the Proxyclick iPad app was exited manually by pressing the Home button once (app in background) or twice (app killed)
  3. Connection loss. This means we lost the connection with the iPad for another reason than the app being closed. This can happen when the Wi-Fi/Internet connection is lost while the Proxyclick app is open.
  4. Unknown. This means the Proxyclick kiosk app is not recent enough to send the status information. Proxyclick version needs to be 2.2.0 or above.
  5. Not activated yet. This means the kiosk has not been activated on an iPad yet.

Of course, in many cases, you’ll want to be informed of a connection loss without having to go to the kiosks page. This is why a red status light is shown directly on the Dashboard in case of a connection loss.

The status is checked every 30 seconds as you can see in the upper right corner of the kiosks page. If you don’t want to wait for the next check, you can launch it manually at any time.

On the iPad


  • The version of the Proxyclick iPad app on the iPad needs to be 2.2.0 (or higher)

In case of a connection loss, an icon will be displayed in the top left corner of the iPad (see below).

This icon is visible enough for your front desk staff to confirm there is a connection issue but discrete enough so your visitors continue to register (their visits will be pushed to the Dashboard when the connection gets restored so it is important they continue using the iPad).

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