In this article you’ll learn how to copy colleagues across your different Proxyclick locations

  • One-by-one
  • Or in bulk


Link colleagues to multiple locations one-by-one

In order to provide access to a colleague from one location (let’s say New York) to another one (let’s say Paris), please log in the target location (Paris in this example) and invite the colleague by clicking on “Colleagues” and “Add Colleague”.

Add User Multisite

Proxyclick will recognize the user based on his email address.

Add User Multisite 02

After having been added to the Paris site, the user will see both sites from his page “View all sites”



Copy colleagues across locations in bulk

In case you would like to copy many users from one location to your other locations, please follow these steps:

  • Log into the location that contains the list of colleagues you would like to copy to other locations (totally or partially)
  • Go to Colleagues > Bulk upload
  • Download the list of users and save it on your computer


  • Switch location and go to the location where you’d like to copy the colleagues
  • Go to Colleagues > Bulk upload (you need admin rights for this)
  • Upload the Excel list you downloaded from the other location. (This will copy all colleagues. If you need to copy only a part, please delete some colleagues from the Excel file first)


  • A summary page will indicate how many users will be created

Done. If you need to copy colleagues on multiple locations, please repeat these steps for every location.


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