When printing badges through a proxy (Dymo or Proxyclick proxy), info needs to go over a http link:

  • Info sent to Proxyclick goes through the secured https link
  • Info sent on your company network to the printer goes through a unsecured http link. This is safe as it does not leave your company network


In odrer to enable this “dual” flow of information (https to Proxylick and http on your network), the settings of the browser need to be adapted. The steps needed differ per browser

1. If you use Chrome

  • Click on the shield you see on the right of the address bar.


  • Click on “Load unsafe script”

Unsafe script



2. If you use Firefox

  • Open a new tab and the type “about:config” in the address box

FF mixed content 01

  • Click on the button to confirm that you will be careful when changing the advanced options
  • Enter “mixed_content” in the search box

FF mixed content 02

  • Change the values of all the results to false (by double clicking on the label)

FF mixed content 03

  • Close the tab


3. If you use Internet Explorer

On Internet Explorer Go to Internet Options > Security> Internet > Custom level

InternetOptions02        InternetOptions01

Custom Level

Scroll to “Display mixed content” and select “enable”

Enable mixed content