To manage the rights:

  • go to Account&Settings > Users’ rights
  • access the list from the Colleagues page (see image):



In both ways, you’ll get to the list of all of the users groups, each of them with different predefined rights:

For instance:

  1. Administrators have all rights, including creating users, deleting visitors, viewing all visitors, checking in visitors, and managing user rights.
  2. Reception has selected rights, including  checking in and viewing all visitors, but not managing rights.


If you need to add/remove users from a group or modify rights, click on “Manage members”. If you need to change the rights given to the members of a group, click on “Manage rights”.



Note: All users are always part of the group “Default” so the rights assigned to this group should be appropriate for everyone (e.g., creating visitors or inviting other colleagues).

  • Bet Mendoza

    We find that the Reception group gets email notification from Host when a guest checks-in. Is this a canned setting?

    Where can we find the notifications settings for the user rights groups?

    • Emily Thrasher

      Hi Bet,
      This may be a setting within each hosts profile (upper right, My Profile > Notifications) as they may be adding the reception team/assistant/other to their visit.

      It could also be within User Groups > Reception where all the options are for that specific role. They could also be set up to receive notifications another way internally if your organization has rules set up.

      If you would like further assistance, please reach out to directly and we can walk you through other settings to figure out the solution with you.