Note: This help article is about the old “browser-based” version of our kiosk. This version is no longer proposed to new clients since 2017, yet is still used by some older clients.
We recommend to switch to the native iOS version.
Please contact support if you have any questions.

This is most likely a DYMO-related issue, which some of our customers have encountered.

The printer reads the barcode on the back of the badge in order to know which format it needs to print.

Barcode on back of DYMO label

If the printer produces multiple printed and/or blank badges (instead of a single printed badge), there are 2 possible problems:

  1. The reader can’t read a specific roll. This can be easily solved by changing the roll.
  2. There is a problem with the printer itself, in which case you need to contact DYMO or your office supplies distributor.

In order to check that it’s a DYMO-related issue (and not a Proxyclick one), you can always print directly from the DYMO software on the PC to see if the problem still occurs.