This article explains:

  • The benefits of using the Proxyclick Outlook add-in
  • How to install the add-in
  • How to use the add-in
  • How to enable centralized deployement
  • Additional note if your company uses SSO


Benefits of using the Outlook add-in

The main benefit is that your colleagues can pre-register the visitors into Proxyclick directly from their Outlook calendar. No need to log into Proxyclick.

They could already do this through our standard calendar integration. However, the Outlook add-in comes with greater advantages compared to the standard integration.   

  1. The process is easier to learn and remember as your colleagues will see a big Proxyclick button in their ribbon
  2. If your colleagues are in different Proxyclick locations, they can pick the location of the visit directly in Outlook
  3. Your colleague can enrich the visit with a comment to reception and/or any custom field
  4. The add-in detects missing info and therefore minimizes errors


How to install the add-in


  • A supported client:
    • Outlook 2016 (Click-to-Run) for Windows
    • Outlook 2016 (MSI) for Windows
    • Outlook 2016 for Mac
    • Outlook 2013 for Windows
    • Outlook on the web (Office 365 and
    • Outlook Web App (Exchange 2016 On-Premise)

    Unsupported clients are

    • Outlook Web App (Exchange 2013 On-Premise)
    • Outlook for iPhone
    • Outlook for Android 
  • User email exists in at least one Proxyclick location. This concretely means the user sending the meeting request must have a user profile in Proxyclick
  • Plan Large or Free Trial
  • If you use SSO: see additional note at the end of this article

Steps to follow:

  1. Open Outlook and go to Email > Store

  1. Click on “Click here to add a custom add-in”

  1. Click on “Add from URL” and paste the following URL: . Confirm the installation.

How to use the add-in

  1. Create a new meeting request in Outlook and click on the Proxyclick button

  1. Log in with your Proxyclick username and password. You’ll only need to log in once.


  1. Once logged in, you’ll be able to select your Proxyclick location and fill in any custom field.

  1. Once the meeting request is sent, the info will appear in the Proxyclick dashboard.

How to enable centralized deployement

You can enable centralized deployement of the Proxyclick Outlook add-in by following this How-to guide.
When asked, chose the “I have a URL for the manifest file” option and use this url:

Additional note if your company uses SSO

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