This guide explains how to instantly print from the Proxyclick iPad app on an AirPrint-enabled printer. (Proxyclick Welcome can also print on non-AirPrint printers).

Printing Welcome Aiprint

You’ll need to perform three steps in order to set up printing. This is normally fairly easy and fast (less than 5 minutes).


1. Make sure the iPad and the printer are on the same network

Ensure that your iPad and the AirPrint-enabled printer are on the same WiFi network. Printing will not work if the iPad and the AirPrint printer are on different networks.


2. Test printing from iPad

Please confirm the iPad can connect and print to the printer outside of the Proxyclick environment. For this, please follow the steps below:

  • Open an image in your iPad gallery
  • Press and hold on the image to bring up the print option and try printing to your badge printer


  • Confirm that printing is successful


If not, please double-check the following elements:

  • Are the printer and the iPad on the same network?
  • Is the printer on?
  • Is the printer AirPrint-enabled?


3. Enter the IP address of your printer in the Proxyclick settings 

The third step is to retrieve the IP address of your printer (please see below where you can find it for Brother QL-820 NWB and Brother QL-720 NW).

  • When you have the IP address of the printer, you need to place it in the dashboard under Settings > Badge and printer

  • Once the IP address has been added, click on Save


Find the IP address of your Brother QL-780 NWB:

  • Using the buttons on the printer you will be able to display the IP address of the device
  • Press the [Menu] Button, then [▲], or [▼] Button to select “WLAN” from the menu and press the [OK] Button.
  • Press [▲]or[▼] to the Mode and then press the [OK] Button.
  • Your IP is on the list, under “IP Addr: “



Find the IP address of your Brother QL-720 NW:

  • Hold down the cut button on the printer for 5 seconds


  • After 5 seconds, the printer should print a few lines of information. One of the lines will contain the printer’s IP address as shown below


You may now try checking in a few visitors on the Proxyclick iPad app to make sure your badges are printing. If not, please see one this troubleshooting article: I can’t print from the kiosk (AirPrint).

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