This article answers the following questions:

  • What are visitor profiles?
  • Why store visitor profiles on the Proxyclick iPad app?
  • What are the options and how do they compare?
  • Can I switch from one option to the other?
  • Can I remove all profiles at once if needed?


What are visitor profiles?

The visitor profile contains the information that remains identical from one visit to the other: e.g. visitor name, email, company. On the other hand, the visit level contains the information that changes from one visit to the other: e.g. visit date, hour, host, …


Why store visitor profiles on the iPad?

Storing the profile on the iPad has 2 advantages:

1. Better experience for returning visitors

Most returning visitors do not want to type all their profile details again if they already checked in in the past. They want a quick way to retrieve their profile.

2. Better data quality

If a visitor came 15 times over the last 6 months, you will want to see these 15 visits linked to 1 visitor profile (and not 15 different profiles). This is what we call the visit history and it is only possible if the visitor can use their profile at every visit.


What are the options and how do they compare?

As a company, you can choose between 2 options for the visitor to retrieve their profile: based on 3 letters of their name vs. based on their email address (see Account & Settings > Kiosk > Visitor).  

Let’s review and compare both:

1. Based on email

When this option is on, a new link appears on the welcome screen and reads “Been here before?”. When clicking on it the visitor is asked for their email. If the email matches, the corresponding profile will be retrieved and loaded.

One advantage is that the visitor can retrieve their profile for a fast check-in while protecting their privacy.

Another advantage of this option is that it gives the choice to the visitor to consent to store their profile – or not, based on their personal privacy preferences. This choice can be revoked at any time by the visitor.

2. Based on 3 letters

When this option is on, returning visitors check in using the same button as other visitors and start typing their name. After 3 letters, if there is a match, their profile is shown.

The advantage is, of course, the ease of use and time savings for the visitor. But companies need to be aware that visitors might see other visitor profiles with similar names.


What if my company chooses the option “3 letters” and then switches to “email”?

If your company chose to recognize returning visitors based on the 3 letters and did not require the email as part of the check-in, then the address book will contain visitor profiles without an email address.

If your company then switches to “based on email”, returning visitors will click on “Been here before” and enter their email. However, this will not match any existing profile. Hence, the visitor will need to recreate their profile from scratch.

If you would like to avoid this, one solution would be to ask someone from your team (e.g. an intern) to check the shared address book and fill in the missing email addresses before activating the feature. Another solution is to make the email mandatory and activate the “based on email” feature directly. In that case, it might be better to empty the shared address book in order to avoid any duplicates. Please contact us if you have any questions.

How to remove all profiles from the iPad App?

All profiles can be removed from the Proxyclick iPad app. To do that, go to the Visitor Address Book, tap the Remove all visitor profiles from kiosks button in the top right corner and confirm the removal.

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