You want to test the Proxyclick Kiosk but you don’t have an iPad or a Microsoft Surface GO tablet yet? 

Worry no more, the Proxyclick Kiosk Simulator is here to help.

What is the Proxyclick Kiosk Simulator?

The Proxyclick Kiosk Simulator is a Windows 10 that will simulate the same interface and features of the Proxyclick Kiosk on any Windows 10 PC as if you were running it on a tablet in your lobby.

This is especially useful when you are setting up your Visitor Kiosk for the first time (layout, colors and custom flows for instance) or if you do not have the recommended hardware yet.

How to install and configure the Simulator?

The Simulator can be found in the store by searching for “Proxyclick“ or you can access it via this link:

Then, you can follow the same steps as if you were running on a Microsoft Surface GO by following this help article.

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