This article

  • Shows what Facebook Workplace notifications look like
  • Explains how to connect Proxyclick to your Workplace by Facebook company account


  • Have a Workplace by Facebook account
  • The email addresses of the hosts on Proxyclick have to be the same as the email addresses of the users on the Workplace by Facebook. The link between a host and a Workplace user is done with the email address.

Getting a Facebook Workplace notification when your visitor checks in

As a host, you receive a Facebook Workplace notification when your visitor checks in. As you can see below, hosts can also respond to the reception team via 1-click buttons. Of course, hosts can do this from their desktop or from their smartphone.

Connecting Proxyclick to your Workplace by Facebook account

The connection only needs to be established once by an admin and will be effective for all users. Here are the steps:

Go to Proxyclick Account & Settings > Integrations > Facebook Workplace.

You can see that Proxyclick needs an Access Token from Facebook Workplace and that you can copy the Webhook URL.

Click the Copy URL button to copy the URL (you will need it later, in the Facebook Workplace Admin Panel)Now open your Workplace by Facebook and head to the Admin Panel. Click on Integrations on the left Admin Panel menu. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Custom Integrations section and click on + Create Custom Integration.

Pick a name for your integration and click Create.

Grant the needed Permissions:

  • Message any member: this will allow Proxyclick to send messages to members of your Facebook Workplace
  • Allow this integration to work in group chats: messages will be posted in group chats
  • Read user email: will be used to find the host on the Facebook Workplace

Then scroll to the bottom of the screen to find the Configure Webhooks sub-section. There, paste the Callback URL copied from Proxyclick or insert and check all the Subscription Fields boxes.

Back on top of the screen, click the Create Access Token button. Copy the Access Token (you will need it in a second). Do not forget to check the I understand box and to click on Done.

Now Save what you’ve done in your Workplace by Facebook. We’re almost done.

You just need to paste the Access Token in the Proxyclick admin. Your hosts will now receive a check-in notification once a visitor checks in.

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