9We recently released 6 much-awaited developments to Proxyclick:

1. Faster visit creation

Creating a visit is one of the most used features on Proxyclick dashboard. This is why we carefully redesigned this form, taking into account what matters most to users: creating a visit needs to be fast! This means:

  • Fast loading. The new form has been completely re-written with the latest technologies. As a result, the new form loads instantly
  • Keyboard friendly. You can now save time by using your keyboard rather than the mouse
  • Better recognition of returning visitor. We made it very easy to re-use details of a returning visitor

new form 112

2. Private address book

Some companies restrict the use of a shared address book for confidentiality reasons. We’ve added a private address book so you can still re-use your contacts without sharing them with your colleagues.

3. Send yourself a copy of the calendar file

While creating a visit, you can now send yourself a copy of the calendar file (in addition to the invitation email sent to the visitor).



4. Slack integration

You can now receive Slack notifications when your visitor checks in. Just hit the button to inform Reception.



5. Quickly add missing hosts

When a host is missing in the iPad and is entered by the visitor, you’ll see it in the dashboard.


This is helpful as

  • You know this host did not receive a notification
  • You can quickly add the email in the system for future visits (“Add to colleagues”)


6. Share appropriate contact details with visitors 

You can now further customize the invitation email by defining what contact details to share with visitors. Some companies want to share all details (e.g. in unmanned receptions so the visitor can call the host on his mobile phone) while other companies prefer not to disclose this information.



* * *

We hope these improvements will help you manage visitors even better. Please let us know if you have any questions. We’ll be happy to help!


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