These changes will be an easy adjustment for your users. But we wanted to give you a heads-up so you can prepare for it (e.g. inform your team members, update training materials).


What will be the changes?

1. Lighter navigation

Users currently have both horizontal and vertical menus. It’s not always clear where to click.
In the new navigation, we’ll group all the links in the vertical sidebar in order to make navigation clearer.

Here is a detailed view of the left menu:


2. Home button

We’ll introduce a home button in the top left corner. This button allows you to return instantly to the logbook from any page:

3. Fast navigation for multi-location users

The location switcher has been moved to the center of the top bar. You can now stay on the same page from one location to the other. So, if you’re busy adjusting the same setting location by location, this will save you quite some clicks and time!

4. More consistent copy

As part of the redesign, we renamed “colleagues” to “users.”

Who will see these changes?

All users who log in will see the new navigation. However, we’re confident users will adjust to the new navigation very quickly for 2 reasons:

  1. The new navigation is more intuitive. People will get used to it very quickly
  2. Most users will only see a couple of changes. Only admins will see all changes.

How will this be communicated?

The first time a user logs in after the release, they’ll see a pop-up informing them about the change, including a link to an article for more information.

When will these changes be implemented?

We plan to release the new navigation on July 1st at the earliest.

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