Earlier this year we redesigned the new visit page. We received great feedback from our users …and very good suggestions for further improvements. We couldn’t wait to turn these suggestions into reality and thus just released 3 improvements to the visit form and 2 improvements to the logbook.


1. Faster preregistration across multiple locations

You can now preregister visitors across multiple locations much faster. Just select the right location right from the visit creation form.

2. Highlight matches in address book

As users extensively use the address book feature when preregistering returning visitors, we made it easier to spot what part of their name offers a match.


3. Take pictures from the dashboard

Most companies take visitor pictures from the iPad. You can now also take a picture while creating a visitor from the dashboard (using your webcam or any picture from your computer).

You need to activate this feature in Account & Settings > Visits Settings > General > Take picture of visitors from the Dashboard.

4. Adjustable columns 

We also released a much awaited development for receptionists: the ability to adjust the width of the columns in order to better see information that matters.

adjust columns

5. Improved search field

Finally, we redesigned the search field to make it more visible.



Any questions or suggestions? Please let us know!

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