Why delete visits?

Under certain data privacy regulations (such as the European GDPR), you should store visit details for no longer than necessary. This means personal data should only be used for as long as it’s needed to carry out activities it facilitates, after which it ought to be deleted.

What should this period be? There is no right answer. We’ve seen examples with 1 week or 1 year.


How to delete visits?

How to delete the data in Proxyclick?


One way is to use manual bulk deletion. In the Dashboard, you can choose up to 50 visit records at a time and choose the Delete Visits option. This then needs to be repeated manually in regular intervals to delete data older than the retention period.


Another way is to use the automatic visit deletion based on your custom retention period (available in plans Large and Enterprise). Advantage of auto deletion is that it does not require any manual intervention and is hence less time consuming and error-prone.


How to set up automatic visit deletion?

Go to Account and Settings > Privacy > Delete visits older than … days.

Select the number of days (your retention period) and save changes. Please use this feature with care as visit deletion is permanent.

When are visits deleted?

Every day at midnight, Proxyclick will automatically delete all visits that are older than your retention period.

As a consequence, when you set up automatic deletion you’ll need to wait for the next day to see the changes in your logbook.


How are visits deleted in the Dashboard?

In the Logbook

On days older than your retention period, all visits will be deleted. 

In the address book

If a visitor came multiple times to your office, the most recent visits will be displayed; but the visits older than your retention period will be deleted. 

In the Exports

When you run an export, the deleted visits will not be part of the export.

In the Analytics

The Analytics are not impacted by the retention period. Your numbers will remain unchanged, including for periods older than the retention period.


Can I get back deleted visits?

No. Visit deletion is permanent.

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Please let us know in case you have any questions we’ll be happy to help!






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