This article

  • Shows what Slack notifications look like (private or public)
  • Explains how to connect Proxyclick to your Slack company account


Getting a private Slack notification when your visitor checks in

As a host, you receive a Slack notification when your visitor checks in. As you can see in the video below, hosts can also respond to the reception team via 1-click buttons. Of course, hosts can do this from their desktop or from their smartphone.



Display all check-ins and check-outs in a public channel

You can also create a public channel and display all check-ins and check-outs. To do that, just invite @proxyclick to the channel (in the example below the channel is #visitors).
Once done, all check-ins and check-outs will be visible to your colleagues.


Connecting Proxyclick to your Slack account

Go to the Marketplace and find the Slack integration.

This will prompt a screen from Slack asking you to sign-in (if not signed in yet) and to authorize access to your Slack account. Please hit “Authorize”.

Done. Your Slack integration is set up.

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