This article explains how to configure User Provisioning in a multi-location setup to synchronize users across your locations.

First, you need to connect an Identity Provider to the location that will manage all other locations. Then, you will be able to add mapping rules to synchronize all or a subset of users with your other locations.

  1. Connect the Identity Provider of your choice in your “main” location
  2. Click on Multi-location mapping on the Identity Provider integration in your Integration List

Important to note: If you do not see the Multi-location mapping button, then it means you are running on an older version of our Identity Provider integration. All you have to do is disconnect the integration and then reconnect it before continuing with the remaining steps.

You will then see the list of all the locations for which you’re an Admin. From this list, you can enable/disable User Provisioning for each location independently using the toggle button.

Once enabled, you will be able to either import all users for provisioning in that location or define your own filters for specific users.

You can filter users based on their city and language using the appropriate conditions for each.


If you are provisioning the same users in multiple locations, you can use the Advanced menu to force their “home location”. Proxyclick would then use this as the default location for new visits created (e.g., when using the Generic Calendar Integration).

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