Context and objective

  • Proxyclick offers different options to synchronize the Active Directory; LDAP, third-party solutions such as OneLogin or Okta
  • However, some companies prefer to push the user profiles to our server using a custom daily automatic csv file
  • This can be done if you are on a Large or Enterprise plan. As some development is needed on our side, we may also need to charge project costs depending on the complexity of the synchronization
  • This article explains how the synchronization works and what needs to be done to get started



  • Every day, your company would send via sftp to Proxyclick a csv file containing the following columns: email, first name, last name of the users. Many companies also add the mobile number
  • Proxyclick retrieves the file from the sftp server and transforms it into a JSON file using a custom mapping. Below a typical mapping


Column Type Format Notes
Email Mandatory Email ·         Will be mapped with field “Email” in Proxyclick

·         Must be unique

·         Must be correctly formatted as an email

·         Serves as unique identifier and as username (in case host needs to log in)

First Name Mandatory Text ·         Will be mapped with field “First Name” in Proxyclick
Last Name Mandatory Text ·         Will be mapped with field “Last Name” in Proxyclick
Mobile phone Optional E.164 ·         Will be mapped with field “Mobile phone” in Proxyclick

·         Enables popular text notifications

·         Format must be E164. If not, entire process will stop. E164 definition and examples

·         If needed, mobile phone can be added manually in Proxyclick later if needed (but then 1-by-1



  • Some other columns can be added upon request (eg Direct phone)
  • Please let us know if you need to manage users across multiple Proxyclick locations. This can be done.


Proposed timing and next steps

Please contact us at if you’re interested to set up such a synchronization. Ideally, please attach a sample csv file. Thank you!

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