Note: This help article is about the old “browser-based” version of our kiosk. This version is no longer proposed to new clients since 2017, yet is still used by some older clients.
We recommend to switch to the native iOS version.
Please contact support if you have any questions.

It is very easy to use Proxyclick, as there is nothing to install. Only a PC connected to the Internet is needed.

That being said, in order to ensure a smooth roll-out, we recommend you check 3 items with your IT team.

1. Use a good browser

Proxyclick supports the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 8/9/10/11.


Now, as far as using Proxyclick is concerned, not all browsers are equal:

  • We recommend Chrome, Firefox and Safari over Internet Explorer (IE). Three main reasons for this: (1) these browsers are much faster, (ii) a specific IE feature (called “compatibility view”), if inadvertently turned on, makes it impossible to click on some buttons, and (iii) IE settings often need to be fine-tuned to be cookie-friendly (see section 2 below). As a side note, Chrome currently has a 59% market share (globally), Firefox 25%, and Internet Explorer (only) 9%. This is largely due to above -mentioned reasons.
  • However, if you need to use Internet Explorer (and we understand it’s still often the case in many corporations), please make sure you’re using IE 11 or Edge. Older versions are not supported as Microsoft ended support for these older versions in January 2016. Please also make sure Security Settings of IE are not on “High”, as this prevents Proxyclick to function properly. Likewise, Privacy settings need to be on Medium-High or lower.


If you run your kiosk on a PC (and not a tablet) and if you need to print badges, you will need Chrome, Firefox, IE 9 or IE10. IE 11 is unfortunately not compatible with the DYMO library used, so that printing from an IE11 kiosk does not work. (Printing from the reception PC on IE11 works however, as another DYMO library is used there).


2. A cookie-friendly environment

Cookies are little pieces of code inside your browser that store information. They are very important for Proxyclick as they contain a link to your session.

It can happen that the cookie gets “killed” due to settings on your IT system. When that’s the case, the following issues arise:

  • Users cannot log in. They see the following screen “You have been logged out”. This is because their cookie is instantly killed, so they are automatically logged out.


  • If you use the kiosk, kiosk screen reverts to the license key screen.


In order to fix this:

  • At your company network level. Please ask your IT to check there are no central settings (e.g. firewall) that kill Proxyclick cookies. From experience, we know that companies who use Citrix sometimes also must adapt Citrix settings to allow Proxyclick cookies.
  • On individual users PCs. If your users use Internet Explorer, they need to make sure their browser settings do not kill Proxyclick cookies.


3. Allow e-mails from Proxyclick

Proxyclick sends many useful notifications to users, e.g. check-in notifications (Visitor Management) or notification their request has been closed (Service Desk). Please make sure your IT has whitelisted Proxyclick so that e-mails from do not land in spam folders at server level.

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