Note: This help article is about the old “browser-based” version of our kiosk. This version is no longer proposed to new clients since 2017, yet is still used by some older clients.
We recommend to switch to the native iOS version.
Please contact support if you have any questions.

If you activate this option, you can take pictures of visitors using your PC webcam. Visitor picture can then be printed on the badge.

Browser requirements

Browser of picture taking PC (at reception) must be Chrome or Firefox. (Internet Explorer or Safari do not support the technology needed.)  However, users who merely want to see the pictures on their browser can use Internet Explorer or Safari (but they won’t be able to take picture with their webcam).


How to activate this option?

Go to Account & Settings > General and set “Take picture of visitors” to “On”

Activate Picture Settings

Once activated, you’ll see a button “picture” in the visitor creation and edition form.


First time you try to take a pic, you might need to allow your browser to use your camera (see below).



Allow Camera

Note: the message can appear on another place on your screen depending the used browser

Tip 1: quick capture from Visitor List

If you need to take a picture of a visitor already in the list (e.g. he was pre-announced or he checked in via the kiosk), no need to open and edit his full fiche. Just click on his avatar and you’ll prompt the picture pop-pup.



Tip 2: re-use the picture for future visit

Once you took a picture of a visitor, it will be shown if you re-invite this visitor. If you’d also like to share this picture for use by other colleagues, just add this visitor to the shared address book. If, on top, you also activate the “recognized on kiosk” function, the visitor will see his picture next time he checks in at reception (even if he has not been preannounced).