Once you have downloaded the Proxyclick iPad app on your iPad, there are 2 ways to activate the app and “link” it to your Proxyclick account:

  • By providing your username and password (needs to be an admin username)
  • By entering the unique activation code of the kiosk


Some admins find it easier to use their username and password (easy to remember) yet there are two cases where the activation code is recommended:

  • If your company has implemented SSO (Single Sign-On), Proxyclick does not store a password. As a consequence, the username/password option will not work
  • If you would like colleagues at reception (receptionists, guards, …) to be able to activate the iPads without giving them admin rights, the unique code is the best option


Here is how to activate an iPad with the unique code:

  1. Requirements: a Proxyclick admin account; Proxyclick iPad app version 2.1.1 or higher
  2. In the Dashboard, go to Settings > Kiosk list and open the kiosk you would like to activate

  1. Copy the activation code

  1. Go to the iPad, download the Proxyclick iPad app from the App Store. Open the app. On the login screen, select “Activate with unique code?”

  1. Enter the unique code copied in step 2 and hit “Activate”

Your account settings will then load and your iPad will be ready to welcome its visitors!

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