The group feature was one of our first features. It’s a great time-saver for anyone inviting large groups of visitors (e.g. for events) and for the receptionists welcoming these groups.

Because it’s such an important feature we thought it deserved a redesign to make it even better.  After hundreds of discussions with assistants, receptionists, office administrators and some hard work, we’re excited to release a completely redesigned (and vastly improved) group feature.

In this article, we wanted to highlight 9 improvements.

1. Easy access

The former dropdown menu is getting replaced by a single button “New visit” that leads to a separate screen where you can choose to make a single or group visit. Easy and intuitive.

2. Import Excel files effortlessly

Uploading an Excel file can be a huge time-saver (especially for large groups). But we know that the former feature could be cumbersome as you needed to adapt to the Proxyclick template which requires extra time spent updating and cleaning the file.

Those days are gone. We’ve invested significant time improving the Excel upload wizard and hope you’ll love the time this improvement saves.

Here are the most important improvements:

Proxyclick adapts to your file (and not the other way around)

Proxyclick now directly processes your file. No need to open Excel anymore!

Here is how it works:

  1. From the Dashboard, click on “New Visit”, select the tab “Group Visit”, enter a new group name and click “Create a new group”
  2. On the next screen, click on “Import a list of visitors”
  3. Select the file you need to import. This will open a wizard where you can tell Proxyclick which columns need to be imported (for which field). 

And in a few clicks, you’re able to upload a complex file as shown below.

“Apply to all” feature

The wizard also contains a few other very useful features. For instance, if one of your Proxyclick fields is not present in your Excel file and the value applies to all visitors in your group, you can define and apply this value in one single click. 

Correct errors directly in Proxyclick

In the former version of the feature, when you imported a file, Proxyclick would tell you if there were errors (e.g. a wrongly formatted email) and where they were located in the file. As a result, cleaning up an Excel file could be a long succession of uploads (trials and errors). We were aware of this cumbersome process and worked to make this process easier and faster. As of now, you’ll be able to see and correct formatting errors directly in Proxyclick. No need to work in Excel anymore!

Split Full Name into First and Last name

If your Excel file has visitors’ first and last names in 1 column, just let Proxyclick know by checking “First name and last name are in one column” and Proxyclick automatically splits the full names into First Name and Last Name into separate columns.

3. Save precious time by duplicating previous groups

Need to re-invite a group that already visited a few months ago? We’ve now made it easier than ever. Simply type the name of the group and the list of matching groups appears. Have several groups with the same name? No problem, you’ll also see the date and number of visitors of past groups so you can easily find the the right one.

Of course, if today’s group is slightly different from the previous one, just duplicate the group and make the necessary adjustments (add and delete visitors, update contact information etc). Then there you have it, you have a brand new group with minimal effort.

4. Enforce your desired process  

The former form displayed 4 fields: First name, Last Name, Company and Email. And the only way to fill additional custom fields was to use a new Excel upload. Without the Excel upload, custom mandatory custom fields could not be filled in.

We’ve improved this in the new version. You’re now able to fill in all fields via the form (1 field = 1 column). And mandatory custom fields need to be filled in. So your desired processed will always be met with proper compliance.

5. “Apply to All” button

Are all visitors in the group from the same company? Easily update the company name for all visitors by using the “apply all” button in the header. 

This super handy feature is available for most fields (incl. your custom fields).

6. Keyboard friendly

You’re now able to fill in the list of visitors without touching your mouse just by using the Tab, Arrows and Enter keys.

7. Leverage (and protect) your address book

If you include visitors from your address book, they automatically populate for faster entry.

Visitors from your address book appear in your group with an address book icon and are only editable through a pop up. This is to ensure you do not accidentally replace a visitor with another one (in which case you’d also accidentally update all future visits of this visitor). 

8. Define notification preferences

By default, hosts only get notified when the first and last visitors of the group check in. But you can tailor this to the host’s preferences (e.g. receive a notification for every visitor check-in within a group).

9. Quickly display and edit existing groups

To view the details of a group, just select a member of the group from the dashboard, and click on the group name in the visit details pane. This will display the group details page. From there, you can see a summary of the attendance and perform actions on the entire group (edit, delete, duplicate, print badges).

* * *

We hope these changes will make your life easier. In any case, and as always, we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback.

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