What is the Welcome email?

The welcome email is an automatic email sent to the visitor upon check-in.  


Why is it useful?

With this email, your visitors feel truly welcome and are equipped with all the info they need during their visit.

You can think of relevant information such as

  • Wi-Fi code, so they stay connected throughout the visit
  • Contact details of the host, particularly useful for busy or unmanned receptions
  • Recap of Health and Safety instructions, that they can browse through while waiting on their host
  • Reception phone number, if they forget anything valuable while in your premises
  • A copy of the Agreement / NDA they just signed, for safekeeping

How to set it up?

1. Collect email from visitor

First make sure you collect the visitor email on the iPad. Go to Account and Settings > Kiosk > Visitor Identification and check the box “Email”.


2. Configure the Welcome email

Go to Account and Settings > Visits Settings > General and turn the feature on. Customize the email to include any information you want to send to the visitor.


3. Inform the visitor he received an email (Recommended)


We recommend you use the kiosk to inform the visitor he received an email. The easiest way is to adapt the text displayed on the confirmation screen.

For this, go to Account and Settings > Kiosk > Languages and texts and adapt the text of the Check-in confirmation screen.


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