Note: This help article is about the old “browser-based” version of our kiosk. This version is no longer proposed to new clients since 2017, yet is still used by some older clients.
We recommend to switch to the native iOS version.
Please contact support if you have any questions.

Proxyclick’s Visitor Management is a Web-based application that helps your company manage its visitors.

This reception desk tool does everything that you would expect from a visitor management solution, which includes maintaining a list of visitors for security purposes, printing badges, generating reports, and allowing for preregistration or self-registration.

The overall process of Visitor Management looks like this:


1. Preregistration and invitation (optional). If a visitor is anticipated, a host can input the visitor’s information in the tool to prepare the system for the impending visit. In this way, the host logs on to Proxyclick and creates a visit. The visitor automatically receives an invitation e-mail that includes a map of the location (and your logo if you have uploaded it).

2. Day of visit. On the day of the visit, the visitor checks in on our kiosk software (optional) or is checked in by the receptionist. The host receives an automatic e-mail notification that his visitor has arrived, and a visitor badge is automatically printed.

When the visitor leaves, s/he checks out at the kiosk, or s/he is checked out by the reception or by the host (who will receive a reminder e-mail to check out the visitor). This ensures an up-to-date list of who is currently present at the facility.

3. After the visit. At any time, the reception and office management have access to an exportable list of all visitors in the building in case of emergency.

How does this tie into my role? 

  • If you’re an Administrator: You’ll need to configure the account (printers, kiosk, etc.), as well as create users to allow reception, hosts ,and visitors to collaborate on the platform.
  • If you’re a Receptionist: In addition to serving as a badge creation and check-in tool, Proxyclick also facilitates communication with your colleagues (e.g., automatic check-in e-mail to host).
  • If you’re a Host: You can preregister your visitor, who will receive an invitation with meeting details and an access map. S/he will also appear in the list of expected visitors (so that reception can welcome him/her personally).